February 24, 2018 In Newborn

Stella {7 Days Old}

So, January was a pretty rough month on the home front. I happened to shatter some bones in my foot which created a big mess not only in my personal life, but business as well. There was a huge question mark surrounding what I would and would not be capable of photographing at this time. Unfortunately all sessions with children likely to run away from me had to be pushed back since keeping up with runners just was not in the cards. Which left me to consider what to do with all of the newborns on my calendar. With both my mobility and balance compromised, my friend Heather stepped in to save the day. Clients… consider yourselves very lucky if you happened to see me within the last two months because then you very likely met Heather… and can certainly attest that she is awesome. With Heather's help, and Stella being an absolute ANGEL, I realized that I would be able to make this work. I was able to photograph a newborn with a broken foot… and later, one week post surgery I was making moves to get back out again. Phew!! It has been a crazy two months and looking back I doubt I would have had the confidence to even attempt to continue working had Stella and her family not been so amazing. Her parents trusted me despite my literally hobbling into their home, and Stella herself was just the best little model!! I remember telling Heather as we started the session that I really needed the session to go well……. and just look at this beautiful baby girl. It doesn't get any more perfect!